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Beautiful homes deserve beautiful installations

We all love listening to music and watching TV or a good movie – so deciding what we want to see or hear  is the easy bit. The challenging part is how to do it all elegantly and seamlessly and to hide all the equipment and cables needed make the magic happen.

No one wants the clutter of the litter of boxes, unsightly cables and numerous remote controls. A Smartsi system is designed to cleverly integrate all the necessary technology within the fabric of your home, hiding or blending them in with your interior design so you only see what you need to see.

Keep your wall clean

A cluster of wall controls installed in the same space is inconvenient as well as unsightly.

Light switches, thermostats, keypads, alarm panels, touchscreens and so on… all necessary in terms of function, but completely avoidable when it comes to aesthetics.

A SmartSi-inspired design enhances your home visually as well as technologically. Integrating your light, heat, security and entertainment means you only need one system, and one simple user interface to manage your home.

Invisible sound

Today, you really can enjoy music from completely invisible speakers.

Speak to our design team about plaster-in speakers and in-wall subwoofers – there’s nothing quite like experiencing powerful sound from speaker systems you can’t see!

Keep it all in one place

If you’re building a new home, or renovating an existing one, it’s a great time to re-wire your home and choose an accessible, central location for all your equipment and connections.

In fact, it’s the perfect time to reconsider your technology, de-clutter your living spaces and keep your entertainment subtle, yet high quality. Just screens, speakers and a remote control – everything else should be hidden away.

However, it should still be accessible, tidy and with proper cable identification and management so it’s easy to manage and maintain as things evolve in your smart home.

Smart and good looking? Talk to SmartSi to find out how you can love your home even more

Architectural TV Installations

The right wall brackets and automated systems can make TV installations look fantastic. You can make your TV the centrepiece of your snug, hide it completely in your lounge except for when you want to enjoy it, or mount it in your kitchen so everyone can see it. Smartsi employs the very best wall, swivel and motorised brackets from leading brands, to make each TV installation discrete and attractive.

Storage to be proud of

It might be hidden away in a closet, garage or basement, but your equipment storage should look great. Not just so you can show it off, but because good looking installations are great installations. This is the location where all your cables terminate and most of your equipment is housed, so effective cable management and planning is critical. What does an untidy rack and birds nest of cables say about your system? There’s no need for it. A great looking equipment installation is easy to service and maintain, and with effective air movement will ensure lifelong performance from your system.

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