SmartSi’s ‘whole home’ entertainment solutions are designed to merge high-quality sound and stunning 4K vision into a single, intuitive system – bringing outstanding clarity and fidelity to every room in your home.

We tailor speaker systems to each room’s dimensions and acoustics and integrate music and video sources so you can enjoy brilliant sound whether watching TV, gaming or listening to your favourite music.

Effortlessly simple

SmartSi entertainment systems are incredibly simple to use, and can be operated all from a single remote control, Smartphone or tablet.

With just a few button you’ll have your favourite track or TV show playing, so no more finding and fighting with endless remotes. And because your entertainment system extends throughout your home, you still only need one handset, regardless of the model of TV or speaker system. Each room works in exactly the same way.

Always ready

SmartSi entertainment systems are also designed for on-demand playback, so there’s no trawling through disk-based libraries of movies or music.

Just pick up your remote or smartphone and you’ll have your favourite media playing within moments.

Amazing sound

You know that feeling, when you hear something so good you just want to reach for the remote and turn it up?

Well, a SmartSi audio installation will deliver that feeling time and again, with audio that sounds fantastic at low volume, but just gets better and better as you pump up the decibels. With tailored speaker systems for different room sizes, your SmartSi multi-room system will sound so good you’ll find yourself listening to more music; discovering new artist as well as falling in love all over again with old favourites.

Stunning video

Video quality today is really, really good.

Pretty much every channel is available in HD, and more and more content is being delivered in 4K; that’s four times the resolution of full HD. That means crystal clear pictures and incredible detail on even the biggest of screens. Pick your favourite TV room, and we’ll install a large display that takes video entertainment to a whole new level.

Fabulous for entertaining

Choose or create a playlist, and you’re ready for your guests’ arrival.

Our systems let it play in multiple room, but at different volumes so people can choose a quiet spot for a chat or head for a dance in another room. It means no one misses out on your great sounds. Or if you’re brave, you can hand over control of the playlist to them, simply by letting them log in with their own smartphones. That’s when the fun really starts!

Take the party al-fresco

Don’t forget your garden or terrace, where Smartsi’s preferred all-weather speakers allow you to take your music system outside.

We can even provide an all-weather TV, a must for the sports enthusiast who wants to enjoy the sunshine without missing the big game…

Take your media with you

With a ‘whole-house’ video system, every source is available on every TV, so you can start a movie in your lounge and watch the end in bed, or catch up with last night’s TV in your kitchen after setting it to record from the bedroom.

The same is true for your music – start your favourite playlist in one room, then pick it up in any other room in your home.

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