Light and heat at the touch of a button

Light and heat plays a vital role in making your home a comfortable place to live.

With SmartSi, your light and heating system benefit from fingertip smart control to enhance your home comfort. Lighting control, automated blinds, curtains, and integrated smart heating systems combine to create a wonderful yet simple environmental system you can ‘train’ to suit your needs and preferences.

Enhance your home

Taking full control of natural and artificial light, complementing your interior design and lifestyle, can significantly enhance your home living experience.

It not only adds convenience and flexibility, but also allows you to select perfect ambient lighting at the touch of a button. With remarkable control, you can create and perfect a range of personal settings you can use at any time of day, as well as being able to open or close curtains or blinds to manage sunlight and privacy.

Whether you need bright, clean light for home-working or food preparation, or a subtle warm tone for relaxing in the evening, a SmartSi environmental control system will beautifully transform you home experience.

Home and away

Leaving the house in a hurry can be stressful – turning off all the lights, drawing the curtains and making sure the heating is on timer, making sure you have your keys, and so on.

Likewise, arriving home can often entail walking from room to room turning lights on, opening curtains and setting a comfortable temperature. What if you could do all of this with the touch of a single button? A SmartSi environmental system will do just that, with ‘home’ and ‘away’ functions built-in to every system. The alarm keypad by the front door will allow you to not only set or un-set the intruder alarm, but also trigger all the other things automatically so you don’t need to worry about them.


You can create schedules to manage your heating, so why not extend these to manage your lighting too?

A ‘morning’ routine in your smart home can start with warming your home ready for the day, gently wake you with soft lighting, and even open the curtains to let in the early morning sunshine. An ‘evening’ routine can adjust light levels gradually and close your blinds or curtains at dusk. All using simple smart technology to create the home environment that’s most comfortable, convenient and pleasing for you.

Total control

The beauty of a SmartSi environmental system is you can have complete control over every light, blind, curtain and thermostat in your home, from a single control. And that’s the same control you use for your entertainment!

You can control multiple devices with a single press of a button, dim a single light fitting, close one curtain or adjust the temperature in one room. The power of control is in your hands, with one remarkably easy-to-use interface.

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