Smart Homes

For decades, the ‘smart home’ has been a continuously evolving dream. And until recently, it’s been a luxury addition, confined to the homes of wealthy individuals or tinkering hobbyists.

Dreams become reality

However, with the emergence of proven and affordable technology from brands such as Control4, Sonos, Nest, Apple and Ring, it’s no longer a dream, and is available to even the most modest of budgets.

What’s more, it’s easier than ever to add smart technology to your home, adapt it to your specific needs and preferences, and begin enjoying the wide-ranging benefits. Many products are wireless or can be integrated using existing wiring in your home. Our team of experts is on hand to help design and install all kinds of wonderful enhancements. From surround-sound systems to wireless music set-ups, smart TVs and home cinemas, to smart heating and thermostats, lighting controls, and Wi-Fi-enabled security and CCTV systems, the options and possibilities are endless.

Connected Living

Today you can control light, shade, temperature, sound, vision, access and security – all from your smartphone or tablet.

SmartSi ‘Connected Living’ brings together the electronic systems in your home to provide a seamless user experience along with unprecedented convenience, comfort and control; at home and when you’re away.

You can programme events daily and weekly for added convenience, like switching the heating on later at the weekend or unlocking the gate for the binman once a week. Whatever your lifestyle, SmartSi Connected Living is designed to elevate and enhance it, and allow you to interact with your home from anywhere in the world.

Integrate your sound and vision

Television and music systems have co-inhabited the same room for decades, yet have mostly been independently installed and controlled.

TV speakers are rarely all that good yet a music system’s generally are. So why not combine the two with a SmartSi home entertainment system? This complements HD screen quality with high-quality audio to create an immersive entertainment experience. One that requires far less wiring and just one simple remote control.

Coordinate your security

Home automation integrates your CCTV and entry system, enhancing security and peace of mind.

Use a simple touch panel to answer a call from the gate and let visitors in. Check your CCTV to make sure there’s no one planning to follow them into your grounds – all without needing to leave the room!

You can integrate your CCTV with your smart home to detect possible intruders, employing external lighting as a deterrent, and receive an alert on your smartphone so you can check live or recorded footage, instantly.

Save energy

Home automation integrates your lighting and heating into a single system, managing your light and heat when you’re at home or away.

With this comes energy efficiency, maximising the use of natural and electronic light and heat. High level trimming ensures your lights deliver the most efficient output, and sensors detect unoccupied rooms, turning off lighting automatically, even setting the temperature back a little. Your blinds can automatically close on the warmest of days, even when you’re out, or setback the temperature if a window has been left open.

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