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A comprehensive service

SmartSi is a specialist designer and installer of simple, elegant solutions that enhance entertainment, enjoyment and lifestyle in the home. We love what we do, and how it enriches people’s lives. With each customer we aim to build a lasting relationship, delivering outstanding solutions, with impeccable service and great value for money.

This is all about you

The way we see it, designing great smart control and entertainment systems requires an ‘inside-out’ approach.

This means looking at the project from your perspective, so that we blend lifestyle and technology to create an experience personally tailored just for you. We will deliver this in a detailed and fully transparent process, to a budget you’re comfortable with.

Clarity is key

Once we understand your requirements we will provide a budget guide and options that includes Standard, Enhanced and Premium design profiles, with indicative pricing for each. So you have the information you need when making choices for your home’s smart control and entertainment systems.

Once we’ve agreed on the full specification and a budget to completion, we will provide a clear ‘operational description’. This helps you monitor every aspect of the installation to your full satisfaction and sign-off. We will also keep you informed about everything we’re doing along the way.

Documenting your

We typically work alongside architects and builders, so full project documentation is key to ensuring smooth and efficient installations. Such documentation typically includes wiring plans and schedules, schematics, technical elevations and technical submittals.


Your budget guide

The first and most important step is to marry your requirements to a suitable budget. Of course, either of these may not have been defined when you first get in touch - so it’s our job to provide you with creative advise about what’s possible, and help you build a vision of your home with a budget you’re happy with.

Design quotation

Once your requirements have been established we’ll design the best possible system within your budget. This will comprise a comprehensive description of how the system will work, where equipment is located, and will include images and plans so you have a complete understanding of what we’re proposing.

Project delivery

Throughout the project we’ll keep you advised of our progress, with regular updates and notifications. If we plan to attend, we’ll get in touch before-hand to let you know when we’re coming, what we’ll be doing, where we’ll be doing it, how long we’ll be with you and any advise you of any anticipated disruption.

Wire testing and labelling

When connective cables have been installed, we undertake a full test of each and every one of them, labelling everything clearly for easy identification.


This prepares your equipment and ensures your SmartSi system is fully operational prior to final installation. We configure everything in advance at our facility – even equipment racking and lighting boards – before labelling, disassembling and packaging it all safely for transportation to your home. This makes for efficient and straightforward installation and reduces the time it takes to fit.

Installation and commissioning

SmartSi is meticulous when it comes to installation, with utmost care, pride and attention to detail. Meanwhile, we make every effort to protect your home and its contents, and schedule works to fit with any other aspects of home improvement or build. On completion, you review everything we do with our project manager, and only sign off when you’re fully happy we’ve done everything we said we would do.

Training and handover

At a time convenient to you we’ll schedule a meeting to run through the operation of your system. This will cover your controls, user programming, features and basic maintenance.

After-sales customer support

Remote monitoring is built-in to every SmartSi system, this is an essential feature to ensure you receive the best possible support. More often than not, we can identify and resolve issues remotely. During the first few months after completion your support is completely free. Support and care plans from SmartSi are owner-direct and include monitoring, seven-day telephone support, emergency attendance, reduced call-out charges and a host of other great features.
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Support is everything to us, because we know it means everything to you. The way we see it, the SmartSi experience is as much about the journey, the service and the aftercare as it is the transformation of your home. If you need help with a system we installed, or even a system installed by others we’re always on-hand and happy to help.

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If you’re building a new home, renovating or undertaking any building work it’s important to finalise the wiring and infrastructural elements of your home technology as soon as possible.

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