Heating Control

Integrated Heating Control for your home

Smart, easy heating control

Smart, easy heating control

SmartSi’s smart heating solutions combine our extensive expertise with leading brands such as Heatmiser and Nest. This means heating and climate control integrated fully with your smart home – adding even more comfort, and convenience to your home.

A well designed smart heating system gives you round-the-clock heat management, it’s fully programmable requiring little or no user input. You can program according to weekly schedules, so if you’re always out on a Monday evening, but usually home early on a Thursday, your smart hearting adapts to your lifestyle and ensures your home is just right, whenever you’re there.

Smartphone control

Smart heating systems can be controlled from your smartphone, whether you’re at home or far away on a beach somewhere.

Imagine you’ve just landed, after a week enjoying some winter sun. Simply use your smartphone to set your heating to ‘home’ and ensure its toasty and inviting by the time you walk through your front door.

Smart heating systems

We work with you to design a smart heating control solution

Save energy

Heating your home probably accounts for around half of your energy bill each month. Traditional ‘manual’ settings can often mean you’re out when the heating’s on, or return when it’s off. Smart heating can help you save energy and money – protecting both the planet and your bank balance! And, with advanced scheduling you can manage settings for individual rooms, ensuring you heat rooms when you need to, and save energy when you don’t.

Home automation

By integrating your heating with your smart home system means simple things like setting your security alarm, or turning the lights off when you leave, can also control your heating system so you don’t have to remember to turn the heating down along with everything else. You can set every room to the same temperature at the touch of a button or add set points to daily schedules and morning routines to prepare individual rooms, or your whole house, for the day or week ahead.

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