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Home automation means controlling a wide range of devices and systems to create a home that works in full, fine-tuned harmony with you, your lifestyle and preferences.

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Our homes are perhaps the last major area of our lives to start enjoying the benefits of smart control.

So much of our infrastructure and workplaces enjoy advanced technology and automation to ensure safety, efficiency, comfort and convenience. While our phones, cars and TVs have all become ‘smart’ the home has been slow to join in. At SmartSi, we believe it’s time to bring our homes into the picture, and there are plenty of ways to achieve this…

Lighting control

Lighting creates mood and ambience and can vastly enhance the ‘at home’ experience with modest investment.

Automated and adjustable lighting adds convenience and appeal to your home as well as saving energy. SmartSi lighting control systems can be wired or wireless, programmed easily and controlled with wall mounted keypads or your smartphone.

Lighting Control
Smart Lock

Smart locks

Electric locks offer a great security and safety feature. Imagine you forget your keys… a smart lock can let you in with a fingerprint, a keycode or with your smart phone. This is especially handy for families with schoolchildren, with no key to lose, and the ability to send you a notification to let you now they’re home.

You can also use smart locks within the home. For example, to protect a home office, secure your wine cellar or protect the pool area from unsupervised youngsters. And, you can configure each lock independently, and change settings and permissions as and when you need.

Curtains & blinds

Combined with lighting control, electronic blinds and curtains add another dimension of convenience and luxury to your home. You can have them close automatically at dusk, and open again as the sun rises or when you normally wake. You can even program them, along with your lights, to simulate occupancy while you’re away, or close automatically to protect soft furnishings and art from sunlight.

Garage doors

Remote or senor-controlled garage doors are nothing new, but if you connect them to a home automation system, they become smart. For example, your automated garage door can be configured to detect if it has been left open and send you a notification – or switch the garage lights on or off as you enter or exit. As with everything else, this can also been controlled from your smartphone.

SmartSi are with you every step of the way with our home automation installation services

Smart heating

This is one of the simplest and most cost-effective upgrades. It can save energy and money, and make your home far more comfortable, convenient and controllable. Most homes have just one thermostat, so you need only replace this to achieve all of the above, while homes with multiple heating ‘zones’ can also be upgraded easily. Either way, a SmartSi installation means you can set multiple scheduled set points, adjust your whole house from a single interface, and even turn your heating on or off remotely when you’re away – ideal if you’ve been enjoying a winter sun holiday and want things cosy when you return home.

Automation & scheduling

With your home automated, the full power and convenience of automation comes into play. That could mean programming sensors or buttons to control multiple devices, or time clocks to schedule heating, lighting, security and even entertainment – for the whole house, zones and individual rooms.

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