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Simple transformations with light and shade

Imagine a home where you can fine-tune your natural and artificial light, creating and controlling ambience at the touch of a button.

A home where you can switch everything off as you leave, where you can easily adjust and save your settings, and even program lighting and shading for different times of day. For example, to switch on your external lighting at dusk, and to switch it off again when you go to bed.

Or how about controlling your shades to harness the sun’s energy in winter and keep you cool in summer. All of this, and much more, is possible with SmartSi’s automated lighting and shade solutions.

Light can make all the difference

Taking control of your lighting means you can enhance the living experience in your home in new and exciting ways.

It’s an amazing way to transform interior and exterior spaces, to create and control ambience, moods and comfort to your specific tastes. Whether it’s natural, clean light for working at home or time in the kitchen, spotlighting for key home features, or soft, mellow tones for relaxing – it plays a crucial role in homemaking and will make you love your home, even more.

Love your home, even more… with a SmartSi lighting control system

Making light work of convenience

Upgrading how you control your home’s lighting makes creating that perfect ambience so much easier.

Instead of using outdated switches and dimmers, imagine beautiful back-lit keypads that give you tailored control of the light and shade in individual rooms, clusters of rooms and even the whole house.

The easy to use system allows you to tweak the settings to your preferences!

Common automated lighting questions

How does it work?

There are two approaches to home lighting control. Central control involves wiring all your circuits to one enclosure, where there are controls for each fitting. Local control means you have a dimmer switch in each keypad, or in-line with the light fitting. Central control is popular if you have the opportunity to re-wire your home, whereas local control is often part of a simpler ‘retro-fit’ installation that uses existing wiring.

You can control lights and shades with wall-mounted keypads or switches, and you can use movement sensors to detect when a room is occupied, or automate lighting as required with timers. You can also control lighting with apps on a smartphone or tablet, and even incorporate lighting and shade controls with other remotes or your ‘app’, bringing even more convenience to home living.

Does it save energy?

Taking smart control of your interior lighting and natural shade can reduce your energy bills considerably. You’ll find yourself using only the light you need, and seldom using dimmers at 100%, so you can save energy without even realising it. Combine this with automation to make sure you don’t leave lights on by mistake, and your home will be lit to your preference and comfort, and save energy and money in the process. What’s more, with controlled shading you can capture sun in the winter and keep your home cool in the summer, making your home even more energy-efficient.

Do I need to re-wire my home?

Modern wireless solutions from SmartSi mean lighting and shade control is easy to install. You may like to move or remove some existing switches, but transforming your lighting and shade needn’t involve rewiring or redecoration.

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