Music and Radio

Essential Family Entertainment

Music and radio installation

For most of us, music is an essential part of family entertainment and enjoyment in the home.

With a ‘whole house’ SmartSi music installation you can browse, select and enjoy your favourite artists, albums, playlists, podcasts and radio stations using your smart phone or tablet.

Fill your home with music

With contemporary music systems from leading brands such as Sonos and Control4, you can extend your music system to any room in your home.

What’s more, you can control each room independently, or group selected rooms together for coordinated playback – great for parties!

immersive sound

Immerse yourself in amazing sound

From smart speakers to fully integrated custom audio systems, SmartSi’s audio buffs apply their knowledge and experience of the latest speaker designs to bring you high-fidelity music wherever you want it.

We design speaker systems to match rooms’ sizes, dimensions and features, and to your requirements. That might mean discrete ‘invisible’ setups for main living areas, simple desktop speakers for the kids’ bedrooms or home office, or the sublime high-fidelity performance from a pair of premium ‘floor standers’. Whichever you choose, a SmartSi music system ensures maximum enjoyment.

Experience an amazing SmartSi music system

Access a limitless library of music

With leading brands such as Spotify and Apple Music, you can access pretty much all the recorded music and radio in the world with a simple search facility. Find your favourite tunes and discover new ones, search by artist, composer, album, genre or track name, and enjoy an active ‘queue’ that keeps track of your selections and allows you to create amazing playlists.

Enjoy radio from across the world

With traditional DAB radio broadcasting, and internet radio from TuneIN, you can listen to radio stations from all over the world. Store stations with easy presets, and even configure your system to wake you with your morning favourite.

Don’t miss your pick of the podcasts

Most radio stations now catalogue their programmes to listen again via podcasts, plus there’s an amazing range of podcast-specific extras like concerts and playlists you can listen to at your convenience. Podcasts also offer in-depth ‘magazine’ episodes that cover current affairs, documentaries, interviews, narrated fiction, talks, comedy and much more. All you have to do is discover ‘your thing’, add it to your library, and enjoy it at your leisure.

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