Security & CCTV Systems

Safe Home. Safe Family.

Round the clock Protection

24/7 protection for your home and family

SmartSi CCTV systems provide round-the-clock protection and are fully adaptable to any domestic need with a range of products for indoor and outdoor use, plus discreet cameras that blend in with your home while maintaining a visual deterrent.

Monitor at home and away

Your smartphone is with you wherever you go, so with your smart home app, you can control your home security from anywhere. View ‘live’ footage from your cameras, check the alarm and lock or unlock your doors. 

In other words, you can monitor your home and grounds, and not just for security – you can also use it check if the kids are home, see what the cleaners are up to, and keep an eye out for deliveries!

cctv remote monitoring
HD Monitoring

HD surveillance quality, day and night

With high-resolution cameras your CCTV system will capture activity around your home in fantastic quality.

And with long-range infrared options you will enjoy brilliant low-light performance to maintain image quality and clarity even in the darkest conditions.

Always Recording


Your Smartsi-installed CCTV system never stops recording, and uses flags from motion sensors or your smart home system to tag video for you to review.

Typically, we configure your CCTV system to provide at least 30 days’ continuous recording for all cameras before overwriting.

Smart Integration


Employing the latest Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) cameras with the best smart home systems, your CCTV system becomes tremendously powerful.

Cameras can constantly move to provide multi aspect viewing, then immediately zoom in on the driveway gate when a visitor presses the call button on your entry system – or swivel to capture the intruder who’s triggered a perimeter motion sensor.

Look after your home with a SmartSi home CCTV setup

CCTV and home automation

With Smartsi, it’s easy to extend the functionality of CCTV systems integrating with your home automation system. For example, motion detected by CCTV can trigger an alert to your mobile, or activate external lights at your property. Plus, you can manage energy use by automating your cameras to turn off when you’re at home, and back on when you set the alarm to leave. And with 360-degree PTZ cameras, you can program HD cameras to swivel and focus on the doorway when someone presses your smart doorbell.

Wireless CCTV Cameras

Companies such as Nest (Nestcam & Nestcam IQ) provide cameras that connect wirelessly to your network and record video straight to ‘the cloud’ rather than to a physical hard drive on your NVR. With excellent video quality and smart features, such cameras are ideal for retrofit installations, provided there’s a strong broadband connection.

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