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The TV remains the focal point of family entertainment, yet it’s evolving faster than ever. HD and 4K resolutions are now fairly standard, while on-demand services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Apple TV and Amazon Prime continue to challenge traditional services such as Sky and Virgin.

Whatever your preference – whether it’s for a fully immersive home cinema, a multi-room set-up, or a subtle system in keeping with your home’s character – SmartSi’s will install your television beautifully, and ensure it provides access to all your preferred media sources.

Tailored TV installations

A SmartSi installation will take your visual entertainment to the next level. We’ll discuss your needs and preferences in detail, and then ensure your screen and audio is installed beautifully.

For example, we can bury cables into the wall for a tidier set-up, or perhaps install your television flush with the wall, or provide custom mounts to your requirements. We can even integrate controlled rise/fall systems that reveal and conceal your screen at the touch of a button. And of course, we include any redecoration and finishing once your installation is complete, plus full guidance on how to make the most of your new SmartSi TV system straight away.

  • Slim, fixed wall brackets to mount your TV as close to the wall as possible.
  • Swivel brackets so your television can be directed towards multiple seating positions.
  • Recessed brackets so your television is flat against the wall, or recesses flush with the face of the wall.
  • Automated rise/fall lifts that allow your television to rise from inside joinery.
  • Reveal systems that lift a picture from infant of your television.

Multi-room entertainment

A multi-room system puts you in complete control of your entertainment. A single system connects all of your TVs to all of your sources (including CCTV), thereby eliminating unnecessary peripheral equipment in each room such as ‘boxes’, connectors and cabling.

This means all of your TVs can access your Sky, Virgin, Apple TV, Amazon, Fire TV or Blu-Ray devices with one easy-to-use system, and your choice of media, whenever and wherever you choose.

Only one remote!

Thanks to systems like Control4, you can control every device in the system with one simple remote control. The days of the coffee table littered with multiple remotes are gone. You can also use a smartphone and tablet app that gives you the same convenient controllability.

one remove tv control

Just add sound

Great audio is essential to get the best viewing experience . We can provide a range of ways to elevate your entertainment to include crystal clear and dynamic sound. Your speaker system can be dedicated to your TV and also connect to your music library – this could be an elegant high-end sound bar below your TV, stereo speakers either side (or mounted in the ceiling), or a full home-cinema surround sound system.

We will help you choose the audio that best meets your requirements and budget.

High definition brands to match your high definition experience

Your choice of media from around the world

Whichever media sources you opt for, SmartSi ensures your TV system includes the media platform to deliver it. For example, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Sky Q, Virgin and BBC iPlayer.

Enjoy the latest technology

SmartSi television systems cater for all current resolutions and standards, including Full HD, 4K, Ultra High Definition (UHD), High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Dolby Vision, enhancing your viewing pleasure with cutting-edge technology.
Our multi-room installations use HDBaseT and ‘Video over IP’ distribution to deliver crystal clear HD and 4K video anywhere in your home.

Your brands of choice

We supply televisions from the leading brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Sony, and multi-room video systems from ‘Just add Power’, Control4 and WyreStorm.

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