All your controls at your fingertips

By June 25, 2020Smart Control, Smart Home
Streamline your home controls

Control Panels

SmartSi's vision is to enhance the home experience. We believe that creating a simple and streamline system to operate your home's technology is paramount. Smart control panels such as the one shown allow you to access everything in your home. We install Control4 which allows you to operate your windows, the lighting and heating systems, the security status of your home as well as the entertainment systems in your home. What's more; you can use the panel as an intercom for your gates, use it to view security cameras and operate your security system. A control panel is always fully charged and always on, meaning you can access your systems no matter what. Your control panel allows you to access your lighting across the home from a single screen. Whether you want to switch off lights in an unoccupied room, activate lighting 'scenes' or turn on lights in any room you want, it's all accessible from the control panel.

All your controls at your fingertips

Lighting, Heating and Security controls can look untidy and bulky on your wall, something we like to call 'Wall Acne'. We could easily install smart systems into your home with a remote/panel for each control, all the pleasures of technology but with a pile of remotes and a cluttered wall space. Instead, SmartSi install all your systems such as security cameras, an intercom, entertainment and lighting systems onto one or two devices; wall mounted or portable. Instead of searching for the right remote, you can access your home systems from one place, swiftly and simply.


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