Wireless technology at home?

With wireless technology becoming commonplace, is it possible to create an amazing home without having to install wiring between rooms? are cables still a necessity?

We thought we’d discuss the wireless solutions available as it’s a pertinent question, especially if you’re keen to enhance your home without undertaking a major refurbishment.

We want the best for your home

The great news is that with planning and a great design you can enjoy a connected living experience with very little if any room-to-room wiring. Smart lighting, heating, video doorbells, multi-room entertainment, and security can all be installed using wireless technology to create an amazing home.

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Wired vs Wireless?

If you’re in the advantageous position of building a new home or undertaking a major refurbishment this is a question you’re sure to ask. During a home improvement project, you’ll not only have the option to wire your home, you’ll also able to employ built-in solutions. This makes it easy to hide equipment and create a more beautiful home.

Wireless solutions are incredibly powerful and feature-rich, however, wiring allows you to prepare for the future, employ more powerful solutions cater to more design options than wireless technology can support just now.

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Remember, not all devices are wireless

Unless battery powered, all your devices will require at least one wire for power, media players require an HDMI cable to connect to TVs, and [passive] speakers are wired to an amplifier. When we talk about wireless technology what we’re actually referring to is the wireless transmission of music, video, networking (email, internet etc.) and control. The devices that send and receive this data (those installed for everyday use) are, in the main, wired devices. What wireless technology address’ is the need to run wires between rooms, at best a difficult process in a finished property.

A great installation is still important

We all want our homes free from electronic clutter and, especially, the eyesore that is a birds nest of visible wiring. Wireless technology will enable you to enhance and connect your home, but the devices employed still need to be installed neatly, with the ultimate goal of a beautiful, connected home.

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Designing your enhanced, wireless home



Home Automation

Where do you start?

Like any home improvement project, planning starts with your requirements, budget, and vision. Connected Living is about enhancing family life, so the best way to start is by asking yourself the questions that will define the function and requirements of your new smart home.

What do you need, and where? What’s important and what’s a bit of a luxury? Is creating a beautiful home more important than amazing sound? Or does security trump that Cinema you’ve always wanted? Creating a list of your priorities is the first step to a new, amazing home.

Wireless, smart lighting control

Smart lighting is arguably the best, most pleasing enhancement to any home. It’s not just about dimming lights, it’s about making your home more beautiful, easier to manage and smarter.

Connect your lighting to Alexa for voice control, Sonos, so your morning scene also starts the radio, add blinds or curtains for complete control of natural and electronic light. As part of a whole house, connected living experience, it’s amazing!

Lutron and Control4 provide wireless solutions that are easily installed in your home, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it is. You can start with your main living areas and, once you’ve realised the benefits, extend throughout your home.

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Wireless video

The ever-increasing number of internet-based, on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Prime gives access to a huge library of media via smart TVs and media players. All that’s required is good Wi-Fi connection and broadband speed. Add an Apple TV media player to your set to access all of the popular services and Apple’s huge iTunes library of TV shows and movies. Amazon’s Fire TV or Roku are two alternatives well worth considering.

Even Sky have joined the wireless revolution with Sky Q. Allowing up to five televisions to be linked wirelessly. Sky Q uses it’s own Wi-Fi, so televisions some distance away may struggle to connect. Before embarking on a Sky Q upgrade it’s best to speak to us first.

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Wireless Audio

I’m sure you love music, so imaging a home where you can listen to whatever you want in any room of your home is fairly simple. Your family can enjoy their personal favorites wherever they are, regardless of what’s playing in other rooms, or you can link a party playlist throughout your home when entertaining, all controlled by your smartphone.

Enhance your TV audio with a wireless soundbar, even wireless surround sound seamlessly integrated with your multi-room music.

Adding great music and enhanced TV audio throughout your home has never been easier. Speaker to one of our consultants and learn how a Sonos wireless music system can make your home sound amazing.

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Video doorbells

Quite simply one of the best new entries into the smart home! A video doorbell outside your front door allows you to answer your door wherever you are. Upstairs, in the garden, out shopping or at work; you’ll never miss a delivery again. Better still it adds a layer of security giving the impression that you’re home, even if you’re away.

Ring is the only brand to offer a battery-powered solution, simple to install and great value. If you can install a cable, Control4’s intercom anywhere is an amazing solution that blends your touch panels, smartphones and doorbell into a single intercom – available anywhere!

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Home Automation

Home Automation is the management of all the devices in your home, creating a system that needs little user input, simplifies your life and enhances your home.

Wireless automation from Control4 employs keypads, input sensors, motion sensors, and scheduled events to do the work – so you don’t have to. What’s great is it can be installed in your home with no cabling – just a great Wi-Fi network.

Imagine a home where your morning schedule slowly raises the lights in your bedroom, opens the blinds, makes sure your home is warm and starts the radio in your kitchen. Take control of your home with a wireless home automation.

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Smart Heating

A smart heating system gives you round-the-clock heat management, it’s fully programmable requiring little or no user input and ensures your home is just right all the time.

Smart heating can also be controlled from your smartphone, whether you’re at home or far away. Imagine you’ve just landed after a week enjoying some winter sun – simply use your smartphone to set your heating to ‘home’ and ensure its toasty and inviting by the time you walk through your front door.

Nest or Heatmiser thermostats leverage your existing wiring or, Wi-Fi network to deliver economical, simple, and smart heating.

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