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Enhance your home experience

We bring together smart control and entertainment systems to deliver a simple, elegant solution that will significantly enhance the enjoyment of your home.

What makes us different

Invested in your human experience

At SmartSi we focus on your customer journey and human experience. We want you to feel that working with us is not only painless but actually enjoyable. We think about your entire experience not just the delivered outcome. Our comprehensive documentation will describe exactly what we’re proposing, with clear language, and we’ll keep you informed throughout, we’ll even upload all your documentation, manuals and program files to a shared Dropbox folder.

And when your project is complete, our customer support will extend your experience into the future; with system monitoring, seven-day telephone support, and a guarantee you’ll have the help you need, when you need it. We will help you protect and look after your investment, and ensure you enjoy your home even more – for years to come.

Home Ambience

Comfort, convenience and confidence

How amazing is your home?

A SmartSi system will enrich yours and your family’s life, delivering a truly ‘connected-living’ experience, both in, and away from your home. Entertainment, security, light & heat are connected to deliver an enjoyable, simple user experience. Whatever your requirements, SmartSi will help you discover just how amazing your home can be.

Going above and beyond

The comprehensive SmartSi Promise

Your personal SmartSi design will include everything that is required to deliver an amazing result and hopefully exceed your expectations. We want to ensure you’re ‘over the moon’ with the experience and the result it achieves. What’s more, you have the ‘SmartSi promise’: once we’ve agreed the design, we’ll fix the price for our services and promise we won’t ask for more. However, if we can complete the work with less time than we estimated, we will deduct the saving from your final bill.

  • Fixed price for our services
  • Great value for money
  • Support you can count on

What We Do

We bring together smart control and entertainment systems to deliver a simple, elegant solution that will significantly enhance the enjoyment of your home.

Enhance your home with Entertainment

Music and TV is the heart of entertainment at home, that much you already know. For us, the technology that enhances your home should be simple to use, beautifully installed and practically invisible. With this always front-of-mind, we’ll create an elegant and simple-to-use solution that enhances the enjoyment of your home.


Heat, light, Wi-Fi, security and entertainment are all essential elements of your home, typically installed independently with no consideration of the user experience. What we do is bring them together, adding smart control and automation to create a simple, enjoyable user experience. We add scheduled events, notifications, remote monitoring and the ability to access your CCTV, doorbell or security system from anywhere.

Smart Home Customer Service

We are obsessed
about service

We recognise just how important service is, not just about the end result but also about your entire experience: from when we first meet, throughout the project process, handover and then being there whenever you need us. We are committed to building a chain of customer ambassadors who recommend us without hesitation. We believe that’s the best way to build a business and it gives us a purpose for everything we do.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Alasdair and his team were great. They rescued our ailing lighting and entertainment systems, installing fantastic replacements we can control from our smart phones! They delivered what they said they would, when they said, and even arranged for a decorator to make good where old wall controls were removed. Brilliant!”

Mark & Angela, Solihull

“We couldn’t recommend SmartSi highly enough. What a great service! From start to finish they kept us informed and engaged in everything they did. And we love our new music and lighting systems, it’s transformed our entertainment at home!”

Paul & Lisa, Solihull

“When we remodelled our basement cinema room, we asked Alasdair and his team to upgrade our ageing audio-visual system that supported the whole house. The team installed a new discrete home cinema system with upgraded surround sound that works tremendously well and is perfect in the environment! The biggest differentiator though is the after-sales service. The remote monitoring put in place means any issues are dealt with quickly without knocking on the door! I would recommend SmartSi in a heartbeat!”

Mark, Chelsea
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SmartSi Home Automation Support


Support is everything to us, because we know it means everything to you. The way we see it, the SmartSi experience is as much about the journey, the service and the aftercare as it is the transformation of your home. If you need help with a system we installed, or even a system installed by others we’re always on-hand and happy to help.

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